A Dog’s Commencement Speech for 2020 College Graduates

Congrats to all the 2020 graduates! 

Remember the words of advice from Charlie‘s the Golden Retriever’s commencement speech: 

“Fellow graduates, here are ten kibbles of advice for success and happiness that I have learned in my five years of pawing around this earth:

1: Although life can be ruff, the pack of friends you keep in your den will make the journey most enjoyable.

2: Wake up hungry. Wake up early. Even if it bothers the others in your den.

3: Take daily walks to clear your mind and your bowels, but also to explore new places. 

4: It’s okay to smell new things, but you don’t have to consume *every* new smell that drifts your way. Everybody wants a piece of your play time, but it’s up to you to have the will power to ignore/leave it, or sniff quick and move on to maintain focus on your goals. 

5: Wear your collar with pride and remember who you are. In fact, have multiple collars. 

6: A leash is a good thing—the restraint will keep you out of trouble. Embrace the safe times when you’re off-leash.

7: Sugar is not good for you. Avoid it at all costs. 

8: Never beg for what you want. Earn what you want.

9: Gratitude is everything. Gratitude doesn’t always have to be wet and slobbery—even a smile or a light nuzzle is enough to say ‘thank you.’

10: A tennis ball is the simplest of things. And if simple things can make you thrilled, your life will be thrilling.”

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