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Late Night Jokes for June 25, 2014

  • In a survey by CareerBuilder, only 14% of workers rate their bosses either a “D” or an “F”.  The other 86% aren’t allowed to use the internet while at work.
  • The US Supreme Court ruled that police may not search the mobile phones of people they arrest unless they have a search warrant.  Because of this, iTunes has listed the Ice-T classic hit, “Cop Killa” on sale for $0.99.
  • John Boehner has vowed to sue President Obama over his recent Executive Orders.   If this saga were a Netflix show, it would be called “Orange Sues the New Black”.
  • A Federal Appeals Court has ruled that Utah’s same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional.  The reason this took so long to undo is because someone had to teach the whole state of Utah about the concept of sex.
  • Brazilian authorities forcibly displaced thousands of people from their homes and jobs to construct the facilities for the World Cup.  As a result, many soccer tourists are in the stands coping with unkempt vaginas.
  • A new Broadway musical about President Bill Clinton is coming.  No, that’s the title of the show: “Coming”.
  • LeBron James, now a free agent, is likely to be leaving the Miami Heat.  The 29-year-old star said he just wants to hog the ball with other people.
  • There are more museums in the US than there are Starbucks and McDonalds combined.  So we may be fat, diabetic, and caffeinated, but we’re curious too.

Late Night Jokes for February 16, 2014

The United States military has unveiled a new military armor suit that is so burly that it has been called the “iron man” suit. And this fall, the US Military is expected to replace all Humvee vehicles with Batmobiles.

This weekend, Mitt Romney said of former President Bill Clinton, “he embarrassed the nation.” Romney then added that his five children are living proof that he himself has only had sex five times.

On Friday, a man gave his dying wife one of his kidneys on Valentines Day. But because he was sedated for the surgery, he forgot to call his mother in law and he’s now in deep shit.

At the Sochi Olympics, the US Men’s Hockey team beat the home-town Russian hockey team in a shoot out. While some say this is analogous to the 1980 Miracle on Ice, the only real miracle is that President Vladimir Putin let the victorious US team leave the arena with all of their fingers still attached.

The new “Lego Movie” earned $60 Million at the box office this past weekend. It is reported that the two main demographics at the movie have been ecstatic children, and their bored angry parents.

Facebook is now offering custom gender answers for the profiles of users who do not identify as simply male or female. To appease their users who oppose this change, Facebook has said if you disagree with this, we will replace your selected gender with “bigot asshole”.

Late Night Jokes for October 12, 2013

In Government shutdown news, President Obama and John Boehner have agreed that both sides need to keep talking…shit about each other behind their back.

A recent study showed that men are more concerned than women about penis size. The survey was conducted with Hummer owners, reality TV stars, and Anthony Weiner.

Reality TV star Bruce Jenner was recently photographed sporting a pony tail. When asked why he wore a pony tail, he said that he and ex-wife Kris enjoyed playing pin the tail on the dickhead.

Breaking Bad props were auctioned at a fundraiser which grossed nearly $1 million. One bidder offered $10,000 for a pair of Walter White’s tighty-whities. He later demanded his money back, citing clear evidence that the undies have been since washed.

A brand-new Cadillac ELR for 2014 will cost almost $80,000. Their slogan will be “Now for Pimps AND Retirees”.

Charlie Hunnam, who was slated to play Christian Grey in the upcoming film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, has dropped the project. He said it was a a difficult decision to make, especially because the film will literally whoop-ass.

The Boston Red Sox will play the Detroit Tigers for a shot at the World Series. Many people are rooting for the Red Sox to win it all, particularly because it will prove that there was no 80 year curse of the billy goat, the Red Sox just sucked for two generations.

A study has shown that extra sleep on the weekend does not replace sleep lost during the weeknights. People that need extra sleep would have issued a counter argument, but they were too irritable to dispute the study.

National Geographic is running a story about how African Elephants can understand and respond to human gestures. Among the most recognizable human gestures garnering an elephant response involves a human driving a Jeep with a passenger brandishing a chainsaw and dart gun.

Late Night Jokes for October 11, 2013

Swimmer Diana Nyad reported that while she swam 90 miles from Cuba to Florida, she hallucinated scenes from “The Wizard of Oz”. Because of this, Nyad is now being investigated for LSD-coated steroids.

Since the beginning of 2013, World of Warcraft subscriptions have declined by 20%. At the same time, the nerdiest people in the world are reporting higher incidences of getting their first kiss.

Senator John McCain blamed the government shut down on the Tea Party. People have been agreeing with Senator McCain, particularly because he was at the original Boston Tea Party.

The Jonas Brothers have cancelled upcoming tour dates, spurring rumors of a possible break-up over diverging musical tastes. It appears that one brother wants to pursue rap, the second wants folk music, and the third brother wants to focus on becoming a musician.

Studies have shown Chicken McNuggets at McDonalds contain less than 50% chicken meat. To be fair, the word “chicken” is only 7 letters, while “McNuggets” is 9.

McDonalds will be distributing over 20 Million books as part of a new Happy Meal promotion. Here’s a few of the book titles
“Everybody Poops… A lot After a Happy Meal”
“Goodnight Sixpack”
“Bypass Surgery: The New McPlayground”

A study shows that viewing too many foods on Instagram can affect your taste buds to crave saltier, crunchier unhealthy foods. The study also shows that viewing too many sunsets on Instagram can cause viewers to crave saltier, crunchier sunsets.

Late Night Jokes for October 1, 2013

Apple and Google have now overtaken Coca-Cola as the most popular brands in the United States. And when Congress re-convenes, the national motto of the United States will be changed from “E Pluribus Unum” to “Come for the WiFi, Stay for the Soda”.

Some people are concerned that the new Health Care marketplace opening today will lead to overcrowding at doctor’s offices. But in order to sign up, you need internet access. So rest assured, the internet mandate will still keep millions of poor impoverished Americans from getting health care.

A tabloid is reporting that Justin Bieber was carried up the Great Wall of China by his body guards. But it wasn’t before long that Bieber’s body guards started to brawl with Mongolian warriors.

Scarlett Johansson admitted that her SAT score was slightly above average . . . this was corroborated by the guy who took the SAT for her —-claiming Scarlet was “slightly above average at giving hand jobs”.

Universal will be releasing a movie version of the computer game, “World of Warcraft” in late 2015. Producers are worried, however, that the only people who would see a World of Warcraft movie might not go because they’ll be too busy playing World of Warcraft.

The Federal Government shutdown last night has resulted in 800,000 federal workers to be furloughed without pay. At the National Forest Service headquarters, Smokey the Bear was spotted at the front door shouting “c’mon let me in, I left my cigarettes at my desk!”

The inaugural YouTube Music Awards will be headlined by Lady Gaga and Eminem in November. The other featured headliner will be a 12-year-old middle-schooler playing Lady Gaga and Eminem dubstep mash-ups off his Macbook Air.

Late Night Jokes for September 30, 2013

The finale to AMC’s “Breaking Bad” drew 10.3 Million Viewers last night . . . the 300 million Americans not watching were too busy making meth.

The production to the CNN documentary on Hillary Clinton was suspended today. The producers thought that the portrayal of Bill was just way too big.

Philadelphia and Washington, DC have each started exploratory committees to host the 2024 olympics. DC has said they will instigate a new event, the 200-meter mugging. And Philly said they will start a new event called “Team Yelling Obscenities While Wearing Facepaint”.

OJ Simpson is back in the news. He penned an Op/Ed titled, “I May Be Civilly Liable for Two Murders, but I Never Took Steriods.

Starting this week, PopularScience.com will no longer accept comments on new articles. When asked why they got rid of comments, Popular science said it was because “comments are gay lol”.

Scientists may have discovered a better treatment for the Ebola virus. As a result, Dustin Hoffmann is looking to make a sequel to “Outbreak”—90 minutes of people just getting vaccinations injected into their butt.

A study has shown that when venturing to the beach, you have to be alert for sewage. The study also said that you have to be sure not to go blind when a stretch-marked tattooed person asks you to put extra sunscreen on their hairy back moles.

The bodyguards of Tom Brady and his wife Giselle are facing gun charges after an incident at the couple’s wedding. Brady is going to write a book about the situation called, “all my friends are murderers.”

Clint Eastwood and his wife Diana have split. They have said they want to yell racial slurs at kids with other people.

Late Night Jokes for August 28, 2013

The New York Times website was attacked by computer hackers yesterday. This was discovered when the headline on their website read “Print Industry Doing Awesome”.

People have compared the United States’ response to the conflict in Syria to Bush and Cheney’s response to the Iraq War. When asked for their opinions now, Cheney said “I hate Syria”, and Bush said similarly, “I ate cereal too.”

The members of NSync have said that they have no plans of reuniting in the forseeable future. But don’t give up hope, NSync fans. They may still get back together in the year 2030 for their Menopausal Madness tour.

A woman in Florida taking a road-side sobriety test stole the police deputy’s patrol vehicle. She thought that there is no better way to prove that you’re not drunk driving than to get behind the wheel and show ’em first hand.

Celebrity couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are reportedly separating. They said they just want to spread HPV to other people.

Today, a rally was held at the Lincoln Memorial to mark the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech”. Today also marks the three-year anniversary of Glenn Beck’s cowardly rebuttal to King’s speech.

The Los Angeles School District is considering getting iPads for students. This is happening because schools were complaining that some students had an unfair advantage at learning to procrastinate.

There is a rumor that this September, Apple will be releasing a gold-colored iPhone. Apple executives are hoping that this will make the iPhone just a little bit more likely to be stolen on the street.

Wal-Mart has finally extended health-care benefits to workers that are same-sex couples. Don’t get too excited, it’s cheap knock-off Wal-Mart health care.

JD Salinger’s estate will be releasing posthumous books by the year 2020. Thus proving that not only humans, but books themselves can be reclusive.

A horrific story in China: a woman took her son into a field and gouged out his eyes. Just a quick survey, what objects—besides eyes—are capable of being gouged out? Or does gouging refer solely to eyes?

Speaking of horrific wordplay, The Oxford Dictionary has added the word “selfie” to its list of new words for 2013. The definition will be, “a photograph taken of and by a self-absorbed narcissist with a smartphone.”

Go Where No Jew Has Ever Gone Before

Up for Grabs…. Jewish Firsts that Have Yet To Happen

Jews looking to pad their LinkedIn profiles with accomplishments still have a wide field of opportunity to become the first Jew to do something.

Here’s a list of ten things you can still be the “first Jew” to do:   

  • First Jew to walk on the moon.  (1)  
  • First Jew to be President of the University of Notre Dame. (2)
  • First Jew to get stripped of a Grammy.  (3)
  • First Jew to win a gold medal in the equestrian events at the Summer Olympics. (4)
  • First Jew to play bass for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  (5) 
  • First Jew to lose five Super Bowls as head coach.  (6)
  • First Jew to play a villain opposite Mel Gibson in a Lethal Weapon movie.  (7)
  • First Jew to defeat Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring.  (8)
  • First Jew to sleep with Pauly Shore.  (9)
  • First Jew to eat 80 matzo balls in 8 minutes.  (10)

(1)  Although a Jew has yet to walk on the Moon, the first Jewish American in Space was Judith Resnick in 1984. 
(2)  Didn’t even bother to fact check this one.  Just assuming.
(3)  Still Rob and Fab from Mili Vanilli are the sole proprietors of this infamous title.
(4)  Although Jews have won gold medals in most Olympic events, no member of the tribe has won gold while on horseback.  Swimmer Dara Torres has the most Olympic medals for a Jew:  12.
(5)  The Red Hot Chili Peppers have had two Jewish guitarists:  The late Hillel Slovak and current Guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. 
(6)  Coach Marv Levy is the only Jewish head coach to lose four Super Bowls—consecutively—with the Buffalo Bills (1991-1994). 
(7)  Guaranteed to keep Mel Gibson out of show business forever. 
(8)  Pretty Boy Mayweather is undefeated.
(9)  We are pretty sure he is still a virgin.

(10)  The current record is held by non-Jew Joey Chestnut:  78. 

Jewish Cartoon Spotlight: Kyle Broflovski from “South Park”

Our first Jewish cartoon spotlight, Kyle Broflovski, is one of the four main characters from Comedy Central’s all-time most successful show, South Park.

Kyle has appeared in every episode since South Park first aired in August 1997.   He is distinguished from the other main characters by his green hat and orange winter coat.  Kyle is also modeled after the show’s co-creator Matt Stone who was raised Jew(ish) in Littleton, Colorado.  He sports a Jewfro similar to that of Stone before the stress of 237 episodes left him with a scaled-back do.

That Jewfro gets temporarily coiffed into a Pauly-D style in the show’s fourteenth season, when we learn that Kyle’s Jewish mother is originally from New Jersey.

Gerald Broflovski, Kyle’s father, is an attorney and is always seen wearing a kippah–at home, in the courtroom, and even in the hot tub.

Kyle also has a younger brother Ike, who was born in Canada and adopted into the family.

We get to meet Kyle’s cousin from New York that he can’t stand:  Kyle Schwartz.  Schwartz’ neuroses and raspy voice are likely modeled after Jewish filmmaker Woody Allen.

At all times during the year, a menorah can be seen displayed in the living room of the Broflovski home.

Kyle’s Jewish identity has been featured prominently in several episodes:

“Mr. Hankey” (S1E9)  In the winter of South Park’s first season, Kyle laments feeling ostracized by his town as he sings “It’s Hard to Be a Jew on Christmas”.

“Jewbilee” (S3E9):  Kyle takes his non-Jewish pal Kenny to a Jewish scouting camp.

“The Passion of the Jew” (S8E3):   Kyle confronts Mel Gibson about false depictions of Jewish people in his film, The Passion of the Christ.

“Jewpacabra” (S16E4):  Kyle experiences Passover as his malicious cohort, Eric Cartman claims that the eighty-day festival is a threat to Easter egg hunts.

Cartman is Kyle’s primary nemesis on the show.  Often the voice of ignorance, Cartman taunts Kyle and is quick to use Kyle’s religion as a pejorative.  While Cartman’s outlandish and intentionally offensive characterizations of Kyle have become more gratuitous over the years, by the denouement of each episode, Cartman is duly punished for his anti-semetic school-yard slanders.

Kyle and his fellow South Park characters do not age on the show, although they did graduate from third grade to fourth grade in the fourth season.  It might be nice to see what happens when Kyle finally gets Bar Mitzvahed.

While there has been no indication of this, we will have to wait and see what adventures Kyle is up to with his buddies when South Park’s 17th season premiers on September 25.

Reruns of South Park are aired every day on Comedy Central.  Also, while it is not on Netflix, you can watch every episode of the show on their official website, www.southparkstudios.com

Late Night Jokes for February 13, 2013

  • Former President George HW Bush’s computer was hacked last week.  The surprising part of the story is that the 88-year-old George HW Bush knows how to use a computer.  Or in this case, he has a computer, but will click on anything because he’s an old fart with useless kids.  And married to the Quaker Oats guy.
  • Harlem shuffle is becoming viral this week, being called “the latest dance craze”.  Let’s just call it by it’s real name:  the 2013 Macarena.
  • Ted Nugent was at the State of the Union address this week.  At the speech Ted served as a living example of the work America still has to do to combat illiteracy, drugs, racism, and body odor.
  • The most popular dog breed of 2012 was the Labrador retriever, according to a survey. The survey also said the least popular dog of 2012 was Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.
  • A hot dog at PINKS Hot Dogs Stand in LA will be named after Olympian Ryan Lochte. It’s called the “Dumbass Swimmer Dog”.  And it comes with a side of “whatever heh”.
  • A DC bar is having a ‘shred pics of your exes’ nite on valentines day.  Annnnd Taylor Swift just threw up in her mouth.
  • The makers of both Budweiser and Corona have been talking about a merger. Their first new beer brand together will be called “PissLite”. Good with lime.
  • Recently, Prince Charles rode the London subway for the first time in decades.  To get the full experience on the famed Tube, Prince Charles hit on a lasse, busked for pounds, and jerked off twice.
  • Senator John Kerry was confirmed for Secretary of State, replacing Hilary Rodham Clinton.   His first duty will be to rename the position, “Secretary of Brilliant Foreign Affairs Genius That Bitterly Missed Out on Becoming President.”
  • So Chris Brown jumped Frank Ocean in a fight in LA.  But in the long run, Frank will jump Chris Brown in record sales, decency, and time not spent in prison.
  • Apparently it’s still illegal in Virginia for unmarried couples to live together.  So many courts are starting to hear the legal defense, “We’re not dating, we’re legally just roommates that f%$k”.
  • Tom Brady & Giselle now have a moat at their new home. Good. I hope they’re trapped there and can have bad second-place sex in solitude for all eternity.
  • The week of the Super Bowl was the 168th anniversary of Edger Allen Poe’s The Raven. The Baltimore Ravens would have found this inspiring for Super Bowl week, if only they could read.
  • Republicans want proof that President Obama ever went skeet shooting. Sounds fair, as long as republicans can prove that George W. Bush actually read 100 books in his last year

Late Night Jokes for July 24, 2012

  • Mitt Romney is excited about the upcoming Olympics in London next week.  Romney said he loves to see foreign people doing the same hard work American athletes do overseas.
  • When asked if he had any regrets about following Trayvon Martin and killing him, George Zimmerman responded, “No, it was all God’s plan.”   When Zimmerman’s lawyer was asked if his client’s comments were indeed true, the attorney said, “Yes it’s true, my client is a murderer AND a total dumbass.”
  • A new study shows that older people who use Twitter are less likely to be depressed.  So the key to eternal happiness is figuring out how to complain about your tapioca pudding in 140 characters.
  • Rapper Snoop Dogg is making his debut reggae album under the name “Snoop Lion”.   Snoop has announced his planned monikers for future albums:

Country:  Snoop Possum

Jazz:  Snoop Cat

Classical String Quartet:  Snoop Caviar

  • The standoff between DirecTV and Viacom has ended, bringing Comedy Central and Nickelodeon back to millions of TV viewers.  Many of the viewers were relieved at the end of the standoff, because to pass the time, they almost considered reading a book.
  • Sir Elton John praised former President George W. Bush for the work he did to fight AIDS.  The former President was flattered by the praise, and said, “Thanks Elton, and I always loved your work in The Beatles.”
  • A “Fifty Shades of Grey” furniture line is being produced.  One item will be a lazy-boy chair built so cheaply in America that you’re guaranteed to get hurt trying to adjust it.
  • Joe Paterno’s record of wins since 1998 was wiped from the record books by NCAA officials.  This isn’t the first time in the past 10 years that someone had to wipe Joe Paterno.

Late Night Jokes for June 20, 2012

  • Historians are saying that President Thomas Jefferson, if he were alive today, would not be a fan of many of President Barack Obama’s policies.  However, historians are also saying that Thomas Jefferson would have loved Michelle Obama.
  • The United States and Israeli military created a ‘Flame’ virus aimed at hacking Iran’s computers in an effort to curb Iran’s nuclear program.  When asked why they chose cyber-warfare over an invasion, Israeli and United States military officials said, “ya know we wanted to hit ’em with something as inconvenient as a nuclear bomb, but without all that noise and burned flesh stank.”
  • On this day in 1782, the United States Congress adopted the Great Seal of the United States.  Lawmakers back then thought that calling it “The Great Seal” would symbolize a strong honest government.  And what better way to symbolize strength and honesty than to call it a “Great Seal” when it is clearly not a seal, but only a flattened bird holding 13 arrows and a twigs from a bitter tree.
  • Today, Republican Congressman Ron Paul admitted that even though he is on Social Security,  he still believes it is unconstitutional.  Congressman Paul also admitted that even though he likes getting head, he does not enjoy giving head.
  • A new study shows that living in an area close to noisy traffic and loud honking car horns can lead to an increased heart risk.  As a result, New York cabbies are starting to yell at each other, “GO FASTER AND FUCKING TURN ALREADY, OR ELSE MY HEART IS GOING TO BE AT RISK.”
  • A Kansas Boy Scout accomplished the rare achievement of earning all 132 merit badges.  After that, he was awarded a 133rd merit badge for being the biggest dork in his entire school.
  • Deep fried cereal was recently unveiled at the San Diego County fair.  And the advertising campaign for deep fried cereal is going to say, “Every morning at breakfast, you’re another day closer to death.  But with deep fried cereal, you can bring yourself a just a little bit closer.”
  • A man from California had to abandon his sailboat after it was struck by a whale and began to sink off the coast of Mexico.   The man said that the whale got all agitated when he called out to the whale, “‘YO BLUBBER ASS, POSE FOR A PICTURE, WOULDYA?’.”
  • Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith appeared with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today to call on the media to pay more attention to the atrocities of human trafficking.  But during the question and answer session afterward, reporters refused to ask any intelligent questions about human trafficking until Will Smith agreed to sing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air song.

Late Night Jokes for June 14, 2012

  • Popstar Chris Brown was injured last night after getting attacked at a nightclub in New York.  Police are not sure what the assailant looks like, but they do know the assailant goes by the name, “Karma”.
  • Donald Trump turned 66 years old today.  His hairdo turned 35.
  • On Wednesday, San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain became only the 23rd pitcher to throw perfect game in the history of Major League Baseball— in a 10-0 win over the Houston Astros.  After the game, however, the Los Angeles Dodgers showed up and mugged Cain in the parking lot.
  • The will of the late Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno was publicly released Thursday.  In the will, Paterno bequeathed his incontinence to Jerry Sandusky.
  • A study shows that the average price of 4-year universities jumped 15% between 2008 and 2010.  And even more bad news for college students: there has been a 30% increase in the price of Easy Mac and weed.
  • A source close to Prince William and Princess Kate said that the couple plans to attempt to conceive a baby between September 2012 and the summer of 2013.  But until then, the royal couple plans to “just bone in the Queen’s bed like we usually do.”
  • Actor-producer Mark Wahlberg said he plans to finish high school and earn his diploma sometime this year.   In fact, Wahlberg has already made lots of new friends at is high school—- because he is now the only student old enough to buy beer and guns for his classmates.
  • Today is flag day.   In addition, it is the anniversary of President Eisenhower adding the line, “One Nation Under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance.  And to celebrate this, former Vice President Al Gore suggested that there should be a more accurate line in the Pledge:  “One Nation Under A Deteriorating Ozone Layer”.
  • Research has shown that living in New York City increases one’s life expectancy.  More specifically, researchers have said that paying rent that is too high and yelling, “AYY F#%K YOU” from the back of a cab during traffic jams are very healthy exercises.

Late Night Jokes for June 12, 2012

  • Today is the 25th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s speech at the Berlin Wall.  Sarah Palin released a statement about that saying, “Today we remember President Ronald Reagan’s iconic quote about the Berlin Wall:  ‘All in all we’re just another brick in the wall, Mr. Gorbachev.'”
  • The LAPD is reporting that someone found a pair of human lungs on the sidewalk in South Los Angeles.  Detectives have speculated that rapper Snoop Dogg may have received a double lung transplant, the doctor stole the old lungs to sell on eBay, then changed his mind as he drove back to to his Mansion in Brentwood.
  • The Los Angeles Kings hockey team have won their first Stanley Cup Trophy in their 45-year history.   At their victory parade this Thursday, the team plans to distribute team photographs and flyers explaining that Los Angeles actually has a hockey team, and they actually won the Stanley Cup while the rest of the city was doing LA’s 3 S’es:   surfing, shopping, or stuck in traffic.
  • The Oklahoma City Thunder have made it to the NBA Finals for the first time.  However, it may be a while before the Thunder get to play any Finals games due to a filibuster by Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn.
  • The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers will be announcing new internet suffixes to replace .com—- some of which will include .lol .bank and .music.   There are a few others they are considering, and which include .boobs  .batshitcrazyconspiracytheory and .catvideos
  • The People’s Republic of China is reportedly planning to have a manned space launch this month.  While on the mission, the Chinese astronauts hope to study the effects of zero-gravity on child labor.
  • Commerce Secretary John Bryson has been placed on medical leave after supposedly having a seizure while driving his car, which caused a pair of car crashes over the weekend.  To comfort Secretary Bryson, former President George W. Bush called Bryson on the phone and told him, “Don’t you worry, Johnny.  It could be worse, my Secretary of Commerce crashed the entire economy.”
  • Starbucks is introducing new products to sell at its coffee shops to help support creating jobs in America.  Some of the products include a book to translate the serving sizes from smug Starbucks language to English, as well as a small Starbucks coffee maker, so you can make burned coffee from the comfort of your home.

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